04.15 - 05.09 Folk Theater-Family Surnames Folk Opera Series
  04.17 Opening Ceremony
  04.18 Painting Competition
  04.24 Baosheng Dadi's Birthday Celebration Feast
  04.25 Fire Lion Fireworks Show
  04.26 Three Consecrations in Celebration of Baosheng Dadi's Sacred Date of Birth
  04.26 Fire Crossing Starting from
  05.01 Birth Registry Matron's Birthday Celebration Ceremony
  05.02 Scholarship Award Ceremony
  05.04 Heavenly Holy Mother's Birthday Ceremony
  05.15 Lecture on Religious Beliefs
  05.15 Free Healthcare and Medical Consultation
  05.16 Guided Tour of Historic Sites (I) (II)
  05.22 - 05.25 Baoan Temple Art Exhibition
  05.30 Yunzhong Choir's Performance
  06.06 Shennong Dadi's Birthday Celebration Ceremony
  06.11 Ritual in Celebration of Baosheng Dadi’s Ascension Birthday Celebration Feast
  06.27 Healthcare Contribution Awards Ceremony and Concert - Physician's Chamber Orchestra of Taiwan (PCOT) Performance (Postpo